The difference between cold drying machine and adsorption machine


Dry machine, suction machine, a word difference, there may be a world of difference. As the saying goes, "a little difference is as good as a mile." Please also pay attention to the difference between the two (dry machine and suction machine) when purchasing.

1, no compressed air consumption: most users of compressed air dew point requirements are not very high, such as the use of cold drying machine than the use of suction machine to save energy;

2, no valve wear: the drying machine has the problem of switching valves, although the cold drying machine also has valves, but basically no wear problems;

3, do not need to regularly add, replace the adsorbent;

4, low running noise; Suction dryer has the noise of adsorption tower pressure relief, in the air pressure room, generally can not hear the running noise of the cold dryer;

5, the daily maintenance is simple, as long as the automatic drainage filter can be cleaned on time;

6, the pre-treatment requirements of the air source are not high, and the general oil-water separator can meet the requirements of the air intake quality of the cold and dry machine;

Compared with the adsorption dryer, the compressed air "pressure dew point" after being treated by the cold dryer can only reach above 0 ° C, so the drying degree of the gas is far less than that of the suction dryer.




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