Knowledge of freezer dryer daily maintenance


Daily maintenance knowledge of freezer dryer:

(1) Observe and record the instrument value 4 times per shift

1, compressed air inlet and outlet pressure difference does not exceed 0.035Mpa;

2, evaporation pressure gauge 0.4Mpa-0.5Mpa;

3, high pressure pressure gauge 1.2Mpa-1.6Mpa.

(2) The cold dryer should often observe the drainage and sewage system

1. The float drainer is cleaned once a week or so;

2, sewage pipe sewage once a week.

◆ Electronic drainer cleaning method:

a. Close the ball valve in front of the automatic drainer;

b. Loosen the fixing nut at the upper end and take out the timing coil. During cleaning, the coil must not come into contact with water; otherwise, the coil will burn;

c. Remove the hose, loosen the drainer valve body, drain the compressed air in the drainer;

d. Remove the spool and wipe it clean;

e. Screw the valve body back to its original position, open the front ball valve slightly, and drain the impurities and water and oil in the drainage system with compressed air; Wipe the valve body with a rag;

f. Put the spool and timing coil back in place; Reattach hose and open front-end ball valve.

(3) Often observe the inlet temperature of the cooling water system and the compressed air system

1, cooling water temperature 2~32℃;

2, water pressure 0.15~0.3Mpa;

3, the compressed air intake temperature should generally be ≤45 ° C (it is appropriate to touch the intake pipe is not hot), with the special exception.

4, cooling water should be kept clean, Y-type filter half a month cleaning, good water quality once a month; The water condenser is cleaned once a year (depending on the water quality), and the air condenser is cleaned once a month;

◆ Cleaning of shell and tube water condenser: close the inlet and outlet of cooling water, open the end cover of the unconnected water pipe, and clean the outside of the end cover and the gasket only with water; The inside of the copper pipe is cleaned with gas, water or a stick with a rag; When cleaning, attention should be paid to not too much force, so as not to break the internal copper pipe.

(4) Frequently observe the refrigeration system

1, the compressor at least once a day by hand touch, normal for cold, frost;

2. Touch the temperature difference between the two sides of the filter dryer every week by hand, and the temperature difference should not be very large (hot import and cool export need to be replaced);

3. If the compressor is found to have abnormal sound and heat, contact the after-sales service as soon as possible.

(5) Check the electrical control system: purge the dust and tighten the wiring end (must be carried out without electricity)

(6) Appearance maintenance

Periodically wipe the oil and dust off the surface of the equipment with a clean towel. Clean the dust and oil on the ground of the installation of the cold dryer and air compressor to keep the environment clean.




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