Suzhou SAIFUAIR Youth tramping - Tonglu trip


On April 25, the sun was shining, the spring was full, the breeze was blowing, the flowers were overflowing, and the friends of SAIFUAIR set foot on the trip to Tonglu, Zhejiang Province, with the growing summer sense.

Silent poetry and sound painting must be found on the Tonglu River, Tonglu we are coming!

Yao Lin Fairyland, the national cave crown

Authentic Zhejiang cuisine

The good times are always short, and the 2-day trip passed quickly, but everyone came back with a lot. Afterwards, many people feel leg pain and back swelling, but the beautiful scenery and cultural charm are given

The enjoyment of the spirit of the staff is enough to relax the mood and restore the fatigue of the day. Through the organization of staff collective travel activities, enhance the feelings between colleagues, fully enjoy the beautiful

The natural scenery has increased everyone's knowledge, improved the cohesion of the enterprise and the enthusiasm of the employees, and also enhanced the sense of honor and belonging of the employees of the company, so that everyone canMore full of spirit and greater enthusiasm into work and life.




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