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Pre-start-up preparation

1, check whether the machine line is normal; Check whether the oil level is within the normal range;

2Open the cooling water circulation system of the water cooling unit to test whether the circulation system runs normally;

3, add a small amount of clean oil from the air intake, manual turning (belt and direct-connected models);

4, power on, check whether the three-phase power supply is normal, there is a cold drying machine to start the cold drying machine;

5, not too short time (a week to two weeks) stop, do not need the intake valve refueling is not a problem, boot to check whether the exhaust valve is opened.


Point method

1, Press the start button and press the emergency stop button after running for about 5 seconds, with an interval of about half a minute (for permanent magnet frequency conversion, the emergency stop can be pressed after the end of the pre-running time), repeat the above steps not less than 2 times and then start normally.

2, if the temperature is found to rise rapidly when starting and accompanied by abnormal sound, this is the internal oil has not been circulated, must immediately press the emergency stop to restart several times.

3, after the machine starts normally, check the operation data, and the air compressor can start to supply gas normally after the normal operation.




Precautions during operation

1, After the normal operation of the air compressor, the inspection personnel of the compression workshop should carry out a comprehensive inspection regularly, and the inspection should be conducted not less than 1 time per hour.

2, The exhaust temperature during operation must be between 75 ° C and 95 ° C to avoid condensate precipitation and oil emulsification.

3, Confirm that the pressure gauge and oil level indicator are normal, and the oil level must be kept in the middle of the two red lines during operation.

4. Whether various protection devices work normally.

5, the initial start and motor maintenance after the start, must confirm the direction of compressor operation.

6, Emergency parking is strictly prohibited in non-emergency situations.

7, It is strictly prohibited to mix lubricating oil of different brands.


Must stop repair phenomenon

When the compressor has one of the following conditions in normal operation, it should be stopped immediately for inspection and repair

1, the safety protection device automatic action, causing parking.

2, the cooling fan can not operate normally due to failure, resulting in high motor temperature.

3, The motor ammeter indicates that the electric equipment is over limit or has thorns or burning phenomenon.

4, safety valve action or pressure regulator failure.

5, compressor and motor have noise or vibration.

6, compressor oil and gas barrel serious oil leakage or leakage.


Manual shutdown operation

1, press the "OFF" stop button, wait 10-15 seconds after the control system action, the compressor stops.

2, Shut down the compressor system.

3, Open the drain valve that needs to be stopped.

4, Cut off the main power switch.

Special attention: air compressor long time stop and start again, do not directly press the start button, the head is easy to lack of oil stuck, be sure to start in the way of clicking!



The dryer is turned on again

1, Large cold drying machine and cold drying machine with auxiliary heating compressor

When the machine is turned on again for a long time, it is necessary to preheat more than 6H-8H in advance, and then start the machine, and check the drainage condition and dew point change of the drainer.

2, adsorption dryer

If there is a small amount of instability in the dew point of the dryer, it should be turned on 1-2 days in advance to fully regenerate and ensure that the regeneration temperature and cold blowing temperature are normal.

Note: Different compressor brands, working conditions need to be treated specifically, this article is for reference only!




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