SAIFUAIR blast drying machine helps Bidi medical energy saving and environmental protection new development


Compressed gas is widely used in the production process of medical devices. The main uses are power gas for automatic production equipment, purge gas for cleaning process, and gas for protecting materials from oxidation. Combined with the controlled environment requirements of the medical device industry, pollutant control of compressed air should include at least solids, liquids, gases and microorganisms.


Blast heat drying machine

Activities: Medical supplies

Location: Yixing, Wuxi

Cumulative operation: 10,970 hours

Dew point temperature: -74.8℃

Application products: blast drying machine, sterilization filter and other equipment

Customer evaluation: Reliable compressed air purification equipment is very important for the production of medical supplies with expensive raw materials. This type of blast drying machine from Safre has stable operation and good energy-saving effect, which provides a strong guarantee for our production!


Yixing Bidi

Bidi Medical Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. was established on July 20, 2018, with a registered capital of $57571,494 and a unified social credit code of 91320282MA1WXB5C86. Its corporate address is located at No. 888-8, Lvyuan Road, Xinjie Street, Yixing City. Its industry is research and experimental development, and its business scope includes: Technical research and development and technical consultation of medical devices; Manufacturing, technology development and sales of injections and pre-filled saline syringes; Import and export business of all kinds of commodities and technologies.


The project was shot on site

Among the many brands, why not hesitate to choose SAIFUAIR blast adsorption dryer? Customers said they were impressed by SAIFUAIR's product quality and energy efficiency.

Blast regeneration adsorption dryer, key parts are made of international well-known brands, to ensure stable operation of equipment. It has the following characteristics: conventional 8-hour standard cycle + temperature energy-saving control; Pressure dew point ≤-40℃; Specially designed double overheating protection; Efficient and reliable parts; Efficient and durable adsorbent; Anti-corrosion treatment inside and outside the adsorption cylinder.


Filter live shot

SAIFUAIR blast regeneration adsorption dryer is a kind of energy-saving compressed air drying device, it is the use of natural air blast heating after regeneration desiccant, does not consume compressed air, so as to obtain a stable pressure dew point and fully dry compressed air. SAIFUAIR blast regeneration dryer, the product technology is becoming more mature, widely used in various industrial fields, received high praise from users.





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