Large textile enterprise

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Customer: large textile enterprises

Industry: Textile

Address: Suzhou, Jiangsu

Products: SAIFUAIR 143 cubic meters, 255 cubic meters Refrigeration dryers

As one of the largest functional fiber production bases and weaving enterprises in the world, the customer has more than 40,000 production equipment and a capacity of more than 4 billion meters/year. The air compressor equipment in the textile industry in addition to the need to meet the stable energy saving of the air source, but also to ensure that the compressed air is dry, oil-free and clean. Therefore, customers choose Seifre 143 cubic meters, 255 cubic meters and other freeze-type dryers, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection. Not only improves the quality of the air source, but also reduces the energy consumption of the production process of the enterprise, and promotes the cost reduction and efficiency of textile enterprises!


Freezer dryer The project was shot on site


Textile enterprises Freezer dryer


Freezer dryer Live shot




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