143 cubic meters zero gas consumption compression heat drying machine to help new material enterprises green development


Customer: a new material enterprise

Product: 1430CNE

Location: Wujiang, Jiangsu Province

The total investment of the project is nearly 12.5 billion yuan, after completion, it will produce 600,000 tons of functional polyester film, functional film and 3 billion square meters of lithium battery separator. In order to improve the service life and reliability of pneumatic equipment and systems and ensure the quality of the products produced, it is necessary to purify and dry the compressed air. At present, our zero gas consumption compression heat drying machine, micro heat drying machine and other products have been used in the customer's factory, the equipment runs well, and has been highly praised by customers.


Compression heat drying machine live shooting

The compression heat regeneration dryer uses the waste heat generated by the compressor in the compression process to regenerate the desiccant, and the compressed air is not consumed in the heating regeneration process, and the energy consumption of the entire adsorption and regeneration process is close to zero. At the same time, make full use of the high temperature heat of the compressed air directly into the regeneration adsorption layer, and the high temperature heat is absorbed by the adsorbent, reducing the heat load of the rear cooler, thereby reducing the consumption of cooling water accordingly, so the compression heat is very energy-saving and can achieve effective energy saving to a greater extent.


The project was shot on site

In recent years, the new material industry has developed rapidly, and there are high requirements for compressed air purification equipment. According to their own workshop environment and working conditions, customers put forward specific technical requirements to our company. With high quality products and excellent research and development capabilities, SAIFUAIR has been highly recognized by customers from equipment selection to installation and commissioning to production and operation.




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