9000 hours of equipment inspection for large semiconductor companies is coming


Recently, SAIFUAIR service staff came to a large semiconductor company for equipment inspection. The compressed air purification equipment has been operating for a total of 9368 hours, with the rated dew point temperature of -50℃ and the actual operating dew point temperature of -72.2℃. At present, the equipment is in good running condition, and the energy-saving effect is outstanding, which has been highly praised by customers.


Zero air consumption blast heat drying machine


In good health

The semiconductor company is a major manufacturer of semiconductor packaging, testing and materials. Since its establishment in 1984, it has provided integrated testing, packaging, system assembly and finished product transportation professional and unified services for the world's leading semiconductor manufacturers. In the global packaging and testing foundry industry, it has the most complete supply chain system.


Blast heat drying machine details


Live shooting

The semiconductor company was founded in 1984, from the beginning of its establishment, has been in the chip seal test market continued to force, chip seal test has been its main business, 1984 officially listed in Taiwan, 2000 again in the United States listed, according to the latest financial data, whether in 2018, or in the first half of 2019, The semiconductor group occupies almost a fifth of the global market share in the chip closed test market, ranking first in the world.

SAIFUAIR has always regarded scientific and technological innovation as the driving force and core competitiveness of enterprise development. Adhere to the road of independent innovation, has obtained more than 50 practical patents, industrial product production license, ISO9000 product quality certification. As a high-tech enterprise, SAIFUAIR has excellent processing equipment and high-precision testing instruments, which can be customized for customers, such as air cooling, water cooling, normal temperature, high temperature, explosion-proof, high pressure, special gas and other multi-functional, full range of compressed air purification equipment suitable for various complex working conditions. Products sell well at home and abroad, by the majority of customers recognition and praise.




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