SAIFUAIR dryer helps new energy enterprises develop with high quality


Under the wave of accelerating the promotion of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality", the photovoltaic industry has become one of the backbone forces to achieve the dual-carbon goal. In the production of photovoltaic industry, the demand for compressed air is large, and the quality requirements are also high. As a low-carbon and environmentally friendly new energy equipment, how to reduce energy consumption and reduce operating costs in its production is also a matter of great concern to customers. 微信图片_20230927082205.jpg

Project site

The customer is a new energy manufacturing enterprise specializing in photovoltaic energy technology research and development, new energy materials and equipment manufacturing and sales. After full production, it can form 12GW production capacity of high-efficiency photovoltaic cells, and the annual output value is expected to be 12 billion yuan, which will become a high-efficiency photovoltaic cell production base, providing help for promoting the affordable solar photovoltaic Internet access and the transformation and upgrading of green energy.

SAIFUAIR has always regarded scientific and technological innovation as the driving force and core competitiveness of enterprise development. Adhere to the road of independent innovation, has obtained industrial product production license, ISO9000 product quality certification. As a high-tech enterprise, Safer has excellent processing equipment and high-precision testing instruments, which can be customized for customers, such as air cooling, water cooling, normal temperature, high temperature, explosion-proof, high pressure, special gas and other multi-functional, full range of compressed air purification equipment suitable for various complex working conditions. Products sell well at home and abroad, by the majority of customers recognition and praise.


The project was shot on site

This time, the customer chose SAIFUAIR compression heat dryer to provide clean and dry compressed air for photovoltaic production. The compression heat drying machine uses the compression heat generated by the compressor to achieve the drying process, which can reduce energy consumption and costs, meet the requirements of sustainable development, ensure customer production safety and efficiency, and help enhance customer enterprise value!




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