Win-win cooperation SAIFUAIR cold dryer hand in hand a large textile enterprise in Shandong


Address: Shandong

Industry: Textile

Products: 265 cubic meters dry machine, 300 cubic meters dry machine

The customer is a textile and garment enterprise integrating spinning, weaving, printing and clothing, and its products are exported to more than 30 regions and regions such as Europe, America, the Middle East and Africa. The air compressor equipment in the textile industry in addition to the need to meet the stable energy saving of the air source, but also to ensure that the compressed air is dry, oil-free and clean. Air compressor post-processing equipment such as 265 cubic meters cold and dry machine and 300 cubic meters cold and dry machine can not only meet the needs of textile enterprises in high reliability, high efficiency and energy saving and environmental protection, but also greatly reduce operating costs for enterprises.


Textile industry

SAIFUAIR dry machine sells well in domestic and overseas markets, and is well recognized and praised by customers, with the following characteristics:

1. Special heat exchanger

Thickened copper tube is used inside, which has high heat exchange efficiency, long service life and is not easy to be damaged. The heat exchanger assembly has been tested by computer simulation design to achieve better heat transfer effect and ensure lower pressure difference.

2, high-efficiency energy-saving evaporator

High efficiency and energy saving evaporator shell by special treatment, add anti-corrosion coating, corrosion resistance is stronger. The use of clear aluminum foil and aluminum foil is conducive to condensate sinking and smooth drainage. Special partition design reduces drag and lower pressure drop. More than 45 cubic meters with flange removable.

0.jpegTextile industry cold drying machine real shooting

3, perfect control system

The large machine adopts the touch screen combined with the PLC programmable controller to realize the remote monitoring function, and the compressor can be intelligently monitored and intelligently adjusted to achieve stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, and easy operation. Electronic display voltmeter, ammeter, clear reading, at a glance. Stainless steel oil-filled instrument, to avoid long-distance transportation and refrigerant high pressure system caused by vibration errors, the instrument with different colors to distinguish, convenient daily spot check.

4, efficient radiator

Heat dissipation area increased, sufficient heat dissipation effect is good; Aluminum foil sheet design, easy to clean, long service life; Cooling fan suction design, avoid heat reflux, fan external, easy maintenance; Professional custom external rotor motor, using imported bearings and coil protection.

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In the textile industry, the compressed air is generally cooled and dried by the cold dryer, which can give clean gas power to the jet loom, sizing machine, printing and dyeing machine, roving machine and suction gun. In addition, the cold dryer is also widely used in sandblasting, pharmaceutical, food processing, electronics and other fields. Whether it is in high-tech fields, traditional industrial fields or special environments, cold and dry machines play an important role, can improve production efficiency and product quality, and bring better experience and benefits for the gas needs of enterprises.




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