To a wave of workshop delivery, come and see what dryer ~


Spring and summer long, autumn harvest and winter collection, and another year when the autumn is cool, SAIFUAIR workshop is busy shipping ing! Compression heat drying machines, blast heat drying machines, filters, etc., have been packaged and shipped to all parts of the country to provide dry and clean compressed air for customers. The basic principle of the drying machine is that the moisture in the compressed air is absorbed by the desiccant. According to the regeneration method of the desiccant, it can be divided into a series of products such as no heat, slight heat, blast, compression heat and so on. The compression heat drying machine uses the compression heat generated by the compressor to achieve the drying process, which can reduce energy consumption and costs.


Delivery photo

SAIFUAIR is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and marketing of compressed air purification equipment. Series products are Refrigeration dryers, heatless adsorption compressed air dryers, micro-heat adsorption dryers, combined compressed air dryers, compression heat regenerative adsorption dryers, heated blower purge desiccant air dryers, precision filters, precooling units, self-cleaning filters and other core products. SAIFUAIR actively responds to environmental protection policies, vigorously develops energy-saving products, and fully promotes customers' energy saving and green development. Products are widely used in electronics, chemical fiber, petroleum, chemical, paper, automobile, metallurgy, electric power, food, environmental protection, pharmaceutical and other industries.


Factory delivery real shot

SAIFUAIR always insists on "doing sunshine people, doing sunshine things; With the concept of "Making sunshine equipment and playing sunshine responsibility", we strive to help customers with better products and better service for long-term development.




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