Energy saving and emission reduction! SAIFUAIR helps electronics enterprises to upgrade the suction dryer


One is a leader in compressed air purification equipment, and the other is a hardcore enterprise invested by M-FLEX in the United States. When SAIFUAIR meets well-known electronics companies, what sparks will come out of the collision? The answer is right here!

Time: 2022

Location: Suzhou

Name: Electronic enterprise no heat drying machine renovation project

Product: zero air consumption blast regeneration dryer


Before modification


Before modification

Project background

With the deepening of the concept of environmental protection, coupled with the promotion of policies, it is imperative to save energy and reduce emissions in all walks of life. In particular, electronic enterprises, in the fierce market competition environment, how to upgrade the existing equipment, achieve energy saving and emission reduction, improve quality and efficiency, and take the road of green and low-carbon development...

Electronic enterprise

Established in 2004, the customer is a wholly owned enterprise invested by M-FLEX in Wuzhong Economic Development Zone, with a total investment of more than 73.8 million US dollars. Is a set of design, manufacturing, assembly of flexible circuit board professional enterprises, great development potential and development space. Its products are widely used in electronics, medical, automotive, aviation and military industries. Major customers include MOTOROLA, Apple, Sony-erisson, RIM, PHILIPS, SEAGATE, GPG, WINTEK, LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES, SOLECTRON, etc.

1.jpegUnder reconstruction 


Under reconstruction

Energy conservation, emission reduction, upgrading

According to SAIFUAIR technical service personnel, the electronic production workshop of the enterprise originally used the traditional non-heat drying machine, the type of drying machine has a short working cycle, gas consumption and power consumption and other problems, has been unable to adapt to the rapid development of the enterprise, in urgent need of upgrading. In response to the above situation, SAIFUAIR tailored the "Zero consumption air blast regeneration dryer solution" through intense design discussion.

In this scheme, the use of energy-saving zero-consumption air blast regeneration dryer can save more than 200,000 yuan of electricity every year. In practical applications, the front of the blast dryer is equipped with a pre-drying machine + dew point meter energy-saving control and seasonal temperature factors, and the actual energy saving will be more. Through the upgrading of the drying machine, the electronics company has made a big step towards the goal of "energy saving and emission reduction".


After transformation


After transformation


After transformation

Design principle

The outlet dry compressed air is used for regeneration to achieve continuous dehumidification. The gas discharged by the blower is heated to regenerate the adsorbent, and the low-pressure gas after cooling is circulated-blown to achieve the purpose of continuous dehumidification.




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