Cold dryer project of large chemical fiber group

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Venue: Suqian

Industry: Chemical fiber

Products: Freeze dryer

This customer is an enterprise mainly engaged in chemical fiber manufacturing, and its business scope is to produce polyester and differential chemical fibers for fibers, and sell our own products. Polyester filament varieties mainly include FDY, POY and DTY. Chemical fibers, such as polyester and nylon, often produce certain moisture in the production process. If these moisture are not removed in time, it will have a negative impact on the performance and quality of fibers, such as the decrease of fiber strength and the easy generation of static electricity.


Real shot of cold dryer in chemical fiber group

Customer chooses SAIFUAIR Freeze Dryer to remove moisture in chemical fiber production process. In chemical fiber production line, refrigerated dryer is usually used with air compressor, filter and other equipment to ensure the quality and stability of compressed air. By using freeze dryer, chemical fiber enterprises can effectively control the humidity and temperature in the production environment, improve the production efficiency and product quality, reduce the production cost and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.




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