Compressed air drying equipment applicable industry introduction


Where industrial and mining enterprises use compressed air as a power source, conditions should be compressed air purification; The compressed air pipeline of large and medium-sized enterprises in the north is prone to ice blockage, and it should be purified and transported.

Smelting industry:

Blast furnace coal injection, coking dust removal, high-speed wire, continuous casting and rolling, petrochemical industry (compressed air for pneumatic equipment, power instruments, etc.)

Non-ferrous metal industry:

Rock drill, pneumatic drill, rust remover, shell breaker, advanced automatic extractor (compressed air for pneumatic equipment, tools, power, etc.)

Beer, beverage, pharmaceutical, Cosmetic industry:

Oxygen flushing, fermentation, saccharification, automatic filling machine, labeling machine, etc. (for air sterilization, pneumatic equipment, tools and other compressed air)

Chemical fiber industry:

Polyester filament, polyester, polyester slice drying (for compressed air including instrument, power, drying, etc.)

Textile industry:

Combers, automatic cutting machines, air-jet looms (compressed air for modern equipment)

Automobile, machinery manufacturing industry:

Stamping, painting, assembly, welding (compressed air for power and pneumatic tools, instruments, painting, etc.)

Rubber industry:

Cable, radial tire

Electronic, instrument industry:

Solenoid valve, pneumatic motor, pneumatic cylinder, pneumatic equipment (pneumatic equipment, tools, valves and other compressed air)

Power industry:

Compressed air purification of instruments and dust removal equipment

Cigarette industry:

Pneumatic equipment for automatic production lines and compressed air such as drying


Bearing factory, flour factory, wood factory, automobile factory, motorcycle factory, bicycle factory, light bulb factory, paper factory, tape factory, environmental protection equipment factory (as supporting products).




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