Demand for compressor air in different industries


With the wide use of compressed air, compressed air systems have become more and more industries need. This article gives a brief overview of the needs of compressed air systems in different industries.

Electric power industry

Main uses: compressed air system for instrument, compressed air system for ash removal, compressed air system for factory utility, water treatment including boiler make-up water treatment and industrial wastewater treatment system, and compressed air system for equipment power in hydropower station.

Main uses: cotton spinning industry mainly uses clean compressed air as power source, which requires oil content; Chemical fiber industry is mainly instrument gas and suction gun gas, printing and dyeing is mainly power and instrument gas.

Light industry

1, food and beverage: no contact, indirect contact and direct contact with gas. Can be provided by the scroll compressor air source, such as cans, beverage bottles cleaning; Direct contact: such as raw material mixing, fermentation, etc., the oil content is very required, and the compressed air needs to be deodorized.

2, pharmaceutical industry: non-contact is mainly used for power execution and instrument gas, direct contact due to large gas consumption and stable gas, while requiring air quality, generally centrifugal; If the gas volume is not very large, the scroll machine and post-processor can be used, or the oil-free screw can be used.

3, cigarette industry: compressed air is the main power source in addition to electricity, generally used in wire injection machine equipment, cigarette roll, connection and packaging equipment, but also used for instrumentation, power execution, equipment cleaning.

4, rubber and plastic products: mainly used for power execution, instrument gas, plastic is also used for blowing process.

Metallurgical industry

Metallurgical industry is divided into steel industry and non-ferrous metal smelting and production industry

1, steel industry: mainly power execution, instrument gas, purging instrument and so on.

2, non-ferrous metal smelting and manufacturing: mainly used for power execution, instrument gas, spraying and so on.

Transportation industry

Train brake, track lane changing device, vehicle doors and Windows open and close, automatic control of subway, automatic equipment of ships, aircraft maintenance, automobile hovercraft inflation, loading and unloading of docks and so on pneumatic devices are widely used.

Aerospace industry

Because the pneumatic device can withstand radiation and high temperature, it can also withstand large acceleration speed, so it has been widely used in modern aircraft, rockets and missiles control.

Chemical and military enterprises

It has been widely used in the transportation of chemical raw materials, the filling of harmful liquids, the packaging of explosives, the automatic control device of torpedoes, the automatic equipment of naval ships, and the oil drilling and production equipment.

Electronic, experimental, instrument industry

For the production of some precision electronic products, experimental test process, instrument control, detection plays a great role.

Other industries

Such as car maintenance, airports, hospitals, large amusement venues and so on.




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