Adsorption dryer basic knowledge


① What is adsorption? How does adsorption happen?

Adsorption is the phenomenon that the concentration of a substance automatically changes at the interface of two phases.

All solids have varying degrees of ability to adsorb molecules, atoms, or ions of their surrounding medium to their surface. From a thermodynamic point of view, the reason why the solid surface can adsorb other media is because the energy of the solid surface - physically called the "surface free enthalpy", which has the tendency to adsorb other substances and achieve a reduction in its own surface energy.

② What is an adsorbent? What is adsorbent?

Substances that have an obvious adsorption effect on a specific medium are called "adsorbents". The adsorbed substance is called "adsorbent" under certain conditions, the larger the surface area of the adsorbent, the stronger its adsorption capacity. Therefore, in order to improve the adsorption capacity of the adsorbent, it is necessary to enhance the adsorption

③ What is a compressed air adsorption dryer? What are its characteristics?

The compressed air dryer is a compressed air drying equipment made of adsorbent which has a large adsorption capacity of water vapor in the air at normal temperature. It is characterized by lower dew point of compressed air treated by adsorption dryer, less water content, but more energy consumption.

④ What are the commonly used adsorbents for adsorption dryers?

Commonly used adsorbents are: silica gel, activated alumina, molecular sieve.




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