Twelve years insist on only doing one thing, this enterprise is too bull!


In 2011, research and development of compression heat drying machine

In 2012, we obtained the industrial production license

Passed ISO9001 quality management system certification

In 2013, we developed and produced blast heat drying machine

In 2014, we developed and produced special explosion-proof dryers for coal mines

In 2015, developed and produced CO2 purification gas equipment

In 2016, more than 40 utility model patent certificates were obtained

In 2017, the special explosion-proof dryer for oilfield was successfully developed and developed

Indonesia's bigger oil company, Pertamina, went into operation

In 2018, the energy-saving vacuum adsorption dryer was successfully developed

In 2019,SAIFUAIR Gas Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. was established.

In 2020, successfully developed biogas dryer and tail gas dryer

In 2021, more than 60 utility model patent certificates were obtained

In 2022, push forward and strive to lead the new era




Drain The Engine Room


Cold And Dry Locomotive Room

SAIFUAIR Sunshine culture: Do sunshine people, do sunshine things; Make sunshine, play sunshine responsibility.

Suzhou SAIFUAIR Machine Co., Ltd. was officially established on December 22, 2010. According to the strategic layout of the enterprise,SAIFUAIR Gas Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. was established in Wuxi Yixing in 2019, with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. As a professional production and manufacturing base of compressed air purification equipment, it covers an area of 65 acres and has 103 employees.


SAIFUAIR Sales Department


The International division of Safre SAIFUAIR


SAIFUAIR Service Department


SAIFUAIR Technical Department


SAIFUAIR Production Department

SAIFUAIR is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and marketing of compressed air purification equipment.  The series products include freeze dryer, non-heat dryer, micro heat dryer, combined dryer, compression heat regeneration dryer, blast heating dryer, precision filter, pre-cooling unit, self-cleaning filter and other core products.

水冷式冷冻干燥机 (1).png

Water-cooled freeze dryer


Blast regeneration dryer


Compression heat regeneration dryer

SAIFUAIR actively responds to environmental protection policies, vigorously develops energy-saving products, and fully promotes customers' energy saving and green development. Products are widely used in electronics, chemical fiber, petroleum, chemical, paper, automobile, metallurgy, electric power, food, environmental protection, pharmaceutical and other industries.


Some cases show


Some cases show

Never stop doing what you are doing

For 12 years, more than 4,000 days and nights, Safre insisted on doing only one thing, deeply cultivating the compressed air purification market. Scientific and technological innovation has been regarded as the driving force and core competitiveness of enterprise development. Adhere to the road of independent innovation, has obtained more than 60 practical patents, industrial product production license, ISO9000 product quality certification.


The invention relates to a negative pressure reverse blowing boiling dryer with an external fan


The invention relates to a multi-layer rotating disc type dryer

As a high-tech enterprise, SAIFUAIR has excellent processing equipment and high-precision testing instruments, which can be customized for customers, such as air cooling, water cooling, normal temperature, high temperature, explosion-proof, high pressure, special gas and other multi-functional, full range of compressed air purification equipment suitable for various complex working conditions.冷干机.jpeg

Cold dryer project site


Drying machine project site


Drying machine project site

In the past 12 years, SAIFUAIR has served thousands of enterprises in many industries, including Beijing Oriental, Huaxin Optoelectronics, Riyuexin Group, Asustek Group, Guangqi Honda, Samsung Electronics, Shenghong Group, Hengli Group and other manufacturers. Its products have also been exported to more than 10 regions and regions such as the United States, Russia, Iraq, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc., and have been well recognized and praised by customers.1686211390028.jpg

Partial partners

Sing and forge ahead

The rivers are endless. Along the way, obstacles and opportunities coexist. Safre is good at planning the overall situation, steady and steady, and has received numerous applause and a lot of honors. It has successively won the titles of "Engineering Technology Research Center", "High-tech Enterprise", "Science and Technology Small and medium-sized Enterprise in Jiangsu Province", "Private Enterprise in Jiangsu Province" and so on.


In the future, SAIFUAIR will continue to adhere to the quality line, increase investment in research and development, activate innovation momentum, and provide customers with high-quality products. The company will always position the high-end of the industry, aim at the world's advanced level, sing ahead, and forge ahead!


Customer visit


Customer inspection


Customer visit

Thanks to each customer, partner trust, thanks to each SAIFUAIR people's unremitting struggle. The second 12 years of SAIFUAIR have begun, the next new journey, wish you and I to witness!




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